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Quality Control


Your Eyes in the Factory!!!
Quality First, is a promise to our customers!!!KINGFISH will ensure you to get your frozen seafood applied with your very specific needs......
KINGFISH has long standing relationships with several manufacturers, and can select the one that best fits your specific requirements. The Relationship Concept plays an important role in business in China. Problems can occur with even the best factories. A good relationship factory will take the hit and keep going until the client is satisfied. It is this relationship that counts in the long-term. If you are just another foreigner, or when they think fixing the problems will cost more then the final payment is worth, the bad relationshipfactory will drop you as soon as a bigger client needs the capacity
Responsiveness is much better when you speak the language and can be on their doorstep in half an hour, and most problems are quickly solved when you discuss with them face to face.

Our Quality Assurance and Seafood Quality Control Service Procedure
The client decide when the perform the inspection (at the beginning, middle or very end of the production process, or even during the loading of the container) –kingfish food quotation includes the pre-shipment inspection service. The standard inspection includes organoleptical and physical tests only.
A standard inspection process:
  -  With confirmed order, we shall come an agreement with you on detail products specification sheet (product description, printing, packing and other).
  -  Our inspector goes to the china factory on the selected date, and selects carton sample randomly. The size of sample inspected is normally 1 sample per ton.
  -  Inside these selected cartons, our inspector picks the products that he will actually check.
  -  Our inspector records every defect or discrepancy he finds, performs the requested tests, and from his findings he can create the Quality Control Sheet.
  -  Our inspector sends finished Quality Control Sheet back to our head office in Beijing and Our Quality Control Manager will give an inspection result (passed or failed).
  -  If any problems are found, we shall inform our client and client will decide what to do with the shipment


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