-  Vannamei Shrimp
      -  Red Shrimp
      -  crawfish
      -  Tilapia
      -  cod


Presentation: Vacuum Pack or I.Q.F. Printed poach or printed retail pack.
Pack size: mostly according to client′s request.
Filament style or minced style texture.
Colour: Color can be adapted to the client's request..
Size: Mostly according to client′s request.
Sticks: 7cm to 17cm length. 1.5cm to 2.0cm diameter.
Flakes: 2.0cm to 2.5cm length. 1.8cm to 2.5cm diameter.
Chunks (bite): 1cm to 3cm. (Straight or Diamond cut.)

- Standard Surimi content: 20 to 60% surimi
- Most products and packing can be adapted to client's specifications.
- Quality depends on Surimi content but also on Surimi Grade.

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